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Eco Wash Solutions
Offers the Easiest &
Most Economical
Portable Waste Wash
Water Water Recovery
System available!
See below for details of
this revolutionary EPA
compliance system...

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Professional Waste Wash Water Recovery Systems:
Easy & Affordable Waste Water EPA Compliance!

How It Works and What's Included:
Our 3-Part Portable Waste Water Recovery Systems make the collection of dirty wash
water a much faster, more affordable and completely EPA compliant process!

Part 1: 
Portable Containment Mat ("Tough Tarp")
This fully portable mat enables you to wash
on it or over it on gravel, concrete or asphalt
surfaces.  Raised edges keep waste wash
water neatly contained and easy to vacuum.

All types of forklift and towing vehicles can be
driven on this extra durable "Tough Tarp", too!

Part 2:  Mobile Vacuum System by SIROCCO
Mounted on the trailer, this SIROCCO made
system is connected to the containment mat.

It quickly and efficiently picks up the used wash
water on the Containment Mat with ease and
transfers it into the holding tank on the trailer
for easy and convenient storage.

Part 3:  Waste Wash Water Holding Tank
This water tank holds the used water on the
trailer up to near capacity (500-1300 gallons).

This allows for easy haul away of the used wash
water, where it can later be treated to meet EPA
compliance guidelines, and then flushed into
a sanitary sewer system.

Why You Need This Recovery System
Just ask yourself these questions ...and we think the answers will be quite obvious:

1. Do you really need to spend $30-$50,000 to get compliant?
2. Do you really need to hire an engineer to devise an expensive, unrealistic
    system that could be done at half the cost or less?
3. Do you really want to permanently tie up that area of your boat or fleet yard
    with a fixed system just to wash trucks or boats?
4. Don’t you want control as to who regulates you and your commercial
    or waterfront property in regards to pressure washing activities?
5. Is this really a good time to sink so much of your capital into an overly
    engineered, fixed, non-moveable recovery system?
6. Don’t you think it’s worth calling and finding out more about the Eco-Wash
    System?  It will save you thousands and keep your business and clients
    fully compliant while streamlining the way you clean.

Many Benefits You Can Bank On!
It’s really what you will NOT need that makes our waste wash water recovery systems the
smart & economic solution for your Marina!  Just look at all of the ways ECO-WASH can
save you thousands of dollars and hours of hassles....

NO Planning & Zoning Requirements needed.
NO Site Plans or Building Permits required.
NO more excessive DEP permits or hassles.
NO Approval from Wetland Commissions
NO Public Notice of your intent required
NO expensive Engineers needed to design you even more
       expensive fixed systems.
NO Building Contractor required to build you a permanent Wash Pad
       that’s just going to crack.
NO excessive amount of upfront money needed to simply wash a
       vehicle or boat bottom.
NO tedious, ongoing monitoring of pH levels in your waste treatment
NO Waste Treatment System necessary - period.
NO In-ground fixed wash water storage tank needed.
NO Above-ground fixed water storage tank necessary.

The Eco Wash System is the ideal Wash Water Recovery
Solution for Boat Marinas and Boat Cleaning!

Your business needs a professional Wash Water Recovery System!
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Eco Wash Solutions
Offers the Easiest &
Most Cost-Effective
Portable Waste Wash
Water Recovery
System available!
See below for details of
this revolutionary EPA
compliance system...

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